Dear Me

Dear Me

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Picture of the Georgia Strait

Dear 1992 Me,

Look at you, ferrying across the Georgia Strait to figure out postsecondary life. Your nursing plans went awry, didn’t they? Now it’s time to start the oh-so-popular combo of Criminology/Creative Writing. Guess what? That goes awry as well –  no best-selling, crime-writing authorship in your future (yet). Better to put pen to paper on your year-long adventure in “101 Meals Made with Discount Ramen Noodles.” Don’t worry, the fun you had crossing the country with strange and evolving companionship will continue as you explore Vancouver Island (yes, in a cliché VW van) and make great lifelong pals along the way.

And therein lies the key – the people that you connect with there and then, here and now, all coalesce to carve out the unplanned path to where you are today. I won’t give away any clues, but basically what you learn within the hallowed halls of higher ed pales in comparison to what you learn from the characters and communities you will find yourself with.  You will be schooled by the lettered and the low-brow – so don’t get too caught up in the who’s who.

And, don’t let the fact that you’re a first-gen student with a family scratching their head as to why you didn’t just work in the family business get you down. Try, do, fail, think, dream, start, quit, re-start – and make the crossings you didn’t plan for.

Future Me

P.S. the winning lotto numbers for next week’s 649 draw are 4, 5, 17, 23, 29, 30 with a bonus of 8.

Featured image”Strait of Georgia” flickr photo by Leonardo Stabile Public Domain

2 thoughts on “Dear Me

  1. Just lovely! I especially love “characters and communities” and “lettered and low brow” phrases and what’s behind them (heck, and after!). Doing your creative writing classes proud!

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