H5P Test-Drive

H5P Test-Drive

I’m test-driving H5P – an open HTML5 content creator that promises many things! And for the most part, it delivers. I tried out a few of the 20 plus content types that they have available here. I’ll continue to add to this as time goes on. Since it’s currently October, there is a pumpkin-spice flavoured theme to these examples (love it or hate it!).

Multiple Choice
This is the first H5P content type that I tried. Simple, straightforward – can give feedback for each incorrect and correct attempt. I score this a 5/5 on usability.

Course Presentation
A bit more complex and I wish you could upload an existing PPT, but as far as I can tell, you have to create the slides from scratch. Super easy to use and there are lots of ways to add interactive questions. I can see this being the most-used content creation type. 4/5 just due to the non-PPT upload feature.

Find the Hotspot
At first I was confused and tried this as a drag and drop, which wasn’t very straightforward. But then something clicked and I created the hotspot image. I wish there was a way to have multiple questions for one image (e.g., find this, then find this) but it looks like you have to recreate this question if you want to do that. Since cloning is an option it’s not a super big deal. I can see this being a useful content type for simple anatomy lessons. 4/5


Interactive Video
This was one content type that I thought would be the most useful. Right or wrong, online courses rely a lot on video – so this is a way to break it up with questions and ‘interactions’. I tried out multiple choice, fill in the blank, T/F and crossroads – which enables viewers to respond and be pushed to certain areas of the video (good for refreshing content!). Other interactions that I didn’t try include drag and drop, mark the words and interact hot spot. The feedback mechanisms for these wasn’t super consistent, which is a bit of a flaw. All in all a solid 4.5/5 – although make sure the video is your own or is licensed accordingly!


Documentation Tool
This is also a content type that shows a lot of promise. It’s one of the more complex ones, but would allow the viewer to go through a structured documentation process that can then be exported as a pdf. I can see this having tremendous value with a project metadata document, a goal-driven writing assignment (much like the example below, from H5P) or a series of reflective questions and prompts. I give this a 4/5 just because it is a bit more complex to create (which is why I used the example instead of creating my own!)


Also, H5P is committed to making their content types fully accessible, but you should check what each interactive’s current accessibility status is prior to using for your learners.


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